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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Saiya Saiyang Awak~!!

dear love..

our love is too complicated..
we both know dat.. mybe it's nrmal from other people sight
but only us knows better..

" I LOVE YOU'~!! 

it's not juz a plain word.. 4 me it's means everythings..

we know our relay was not perfect like other..
but we both try so hard 2 make it more perfect from other..

i'm juz a plain girl n u juz a simple guy...
but only us know perfectly da special thng each of us have

dear love..
thnkz 4 evrythng dat u have done 2 me..
i do apriciate it..
i love u n forever will love u..
only death will separate us~!!

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