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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

He's not juz a guy..

dear love...

yesterday i saw u..
wow~!! u have a good looking face..
when im looking at u, my heart keep saying dat i like u n feels like i  want 2 talk 2 u straight away but seems it is not a suitable time..

so i juz forget it keep it  silent n watching u secretly..

today i saw u..
u come to talk 2 me..
ur face look so appy talking 2 me as i am..
but all of sudden a girl behind u dosent look happy seeing us 2gather..
hu was she by da way??? no answer hurmmm.. fine~!! dosent need any explanation..
let u go wif her???? perhaps its better..

now, im yours (in secret)
but why must be like diz??
nver mind i know da reason but until when??

u r da one hu strt diz but until when we need 2 be pretanding??
im sick of dat actlly...

i juz want u 2 know dat i do love u once n i'll make sure it's last forever~!!

#Its double AH story.. :'(

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